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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Instagram Week

Yay!!!! sooo excited for what's around the corner next.  I've had a really great year in most ways, met great people to call friends and got involved with some great new projects.  I've also had some rather weird things happen and for that, BRING ON 2015

T and I are both so busy and generally stick Christmas in where ever we can, this year we celebrated on Dec 27th, LOL latest yet

She is so thoughtful with her gifts and always includes pictures she's dug up from who knows where. This is our Mommy Daughter montage, love it!

New pots for a new condo from Beppe, I love them!  T says I'm turning into my Mom.  I'm like "take whatever you want from the house, just not the painting over the fireplace"   It's my favourite 

I've worked quite a bit over the holidays so last week was only able to squeeze in another visit to The Capilano Suspension Bridge light up for Christmas extravaganza.  Seriously loving that the cost of admission gives BC residents a season pass.  I can see a lot of this place in my future

Getting dorky in my old age, we have matching head pieces on and I thought it was brilliant!

 Cat in the box is good as ever

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