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Monday, January 12, 2015

KISS Gel Fantasy Nail Review

Haven't done a nail review for awhile

Today I'll talk about KISS gel FANTASY ultra smooth finish

I generally go for the French Manicure as I prefer the stark contrast between either the beige or pinkish tone against the white.  I also prefer the straight edge to the curved edge

I've been noticing the trend lately for really out of this world designs and BAM in your face colors. Some frankly too much for me in particular, however, I am warming up to some less statement options

Grabbed this one to review.  I've been wearing them for a few days now.  I'm pretty amazed at the obvious extra product added with the variety of sparkles.  It's only slightly above regular cost to the regular nails

I buy short length nails but found these only come in long.  A bit longer than I would like as I keep nails on for around 3 weeks, that means housework, work and whatever other daily grind my hands go through.

I was a bit worried at first because the sparkles are slightly raised,  If you find any with an edge your concerned with just lightly file it down.  I haven't caught them on any clothing to date.  We'll see how these keep up.  So far other than finding it harder to text its all good.  Ha ha actually realizing why I get such funny texts from people with long nails, hmmm its not because they can't spell!

Remember to keep the glue in your purse and if one should pop off or become loose you can repair on the spot.  You get 24 in a pack which for me gives me two sets of nails, thats 6 weeks wear for under a $10.00 investment

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