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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ruby Creek Art Gallery Open House 2015

T and I had the best time at the Ruby Creek Art Gallery Open House recently.  Our night was filled with meeting great new people, live entertainment, the best nosh, bc wines and socializing

If you remember Chief Maureen Chapman from the Skawahlook First Nation blew our minds this year coming on board as a sponsor for Bikes Against Bullies.  They're generosity is beyond words and we cherish our friendship

We were also thrilled to meet Blake Lepine he donated a lovely painting to our event.  It was great to see him as the Featured Artist that night

You must drop by for a lookie through the gallery, everything from carvings, paintings, jewellry and wearables.  I scooped up a lovely pair of Native Art wellies, love them!





Artist Pascal A Pelletier telling us stories about his carvings.  Stay tuned for my interview video with him soon 


T and I were bartenders, just love a night out with my little one and great peeps

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Value Village Scores

I get the shivers when I even THINK about a thrift store day

Shoes, purses, coats, dresses ...... that's the order

Todays Value Village finds:

$280.00 ANNE KLEIN coat - $29.99

$250.00 MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS dress - $24.99

$180,00 Max Studio - ruffle sleeve dress - $17.99

$60.00 Kensie - casual dress - $14.99

OMG I can't even control myself.  I can not walk out of that place without a score of some type

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Defying White after Labour Day

LOL, this is me pushing the envelope, I'm wearing white after Labour Day.  Crazy gal I am

Find out why it's a no, no here

I am wearing a lovely Carolyn Bruce Design necklace gifted to me by her, hugs


Monday, September 21, 2015

Carolyn Bruce Designs Steampunk Jewelry - Waterfall Building 2015

This was the highlight event of the year!!!!!

I adore designer Carolyn Bruce, she is by far the most talented, humble, gracious and giving person

Carolyn quietly emerged into the fashion scene, intro's went from Oh and you are? to Oh your the lady that makes that great jewelry!  She started her collections not that very long ago.....things are flying now

See her bling first hand Carolyn Bruce Designs - Steampunk Jewelry

Always a delight to attend an event at the Waterfall Building

Symone Says, she is loads of fun, as an EMCEE she gets the entire crowd involved.  I love how she knows everyone and picks them out, always a pleasure

One of my favorite Paparazzi Sylvester Law, see his photos of the evening here

This was truly a family affair for Carolyn.  This is the lineup for the bar where her award winning bartender daughter is creating her signature cocktail

Paps Peter Jensen and Sam Stringer for BLUSH Magazine, see their photos here and here

(Photo by Mike Wu)

Check out Mike's photos for the night here

(Photo by Sam Stringer for BLUSH Magazine)


This cutie pie won best dressed

(Photo by Sam Stringer for BLUSH Magazine)


Great twist on the red carpet

(Photo by Zed Studio7)
to see more of their photos click here

Gotta say I love the swag bags lots of goodies in here

Little late night humour

For those that missed it, here is a recap