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Monday, September 30, 2013

Basement Flooding? How To Set Up An Emergency Sump Pump

Day 2 of my water problem

The rain was just too heavy last night, after diverting the downspout I still needed to set up a sump pump

Where is my man when I need him? Ugh

Turns out all the digging I've done over the years is for not. After speaking with a plumber I've found that all the new PVC piping I installed was not the correct type. Should NOT have been solid but the type with the holes in it. Oh great!

Don't you just love redoing jobs. Wasn't busy next summer anyways

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Basement Flooding? - Divert Eavestrough Water Away From The House

This is what I'm dealing with, UGH!!!!!

I've dug up half my yard and replaced all the piping I could find over the years.  Still there is water

I've now resorted to a quick fix of just diverting the eavestrough water away from the house so as not to overwhelm my ageing drainage system. Don't want my basement to flood. Been there, done that! thank goodness I watch for trouble like a hawk and caught this before it got out of hand

Wish me luck! It's really raining out there so tonight will be a test run

Thank you DH, a good old friend who advised me this would be a good idea

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Project True Fashion Show 2013

My daughter and I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Project True Fashion Show recently

Their Mission Statement:

"... to create and support community-based initiatives that promote well-being ... Our website is currently being developed as a hub that will provide users access to information, care, and support regardless of their age, gender, location, income or level of health"

"Recovery from disordered eating is a journey made possible by the support of friends, family, community and peers"

So true

To learn more visit their website at

Monday, September 23, 2013

Last Chance Animal Rescue Society - Blue's Journey

I had the pleasure of meeting Blue at a meet n greet

Blue has suffered horribly. She fell or was pushed from a height of at least 20 feet at 4 weeks and left to recover on her own ... that did not go well

Thank goodness Last Chance Animal Rescue Society took her in their care at the age of 8 weeks

.... and so the story begins

Please help today, donate even $1 dollar towards helping one that can't help themselves

Visit FB

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

$10.00 Forever 21

Gotta love a sale!

Built my entire outfit around this $10.00 Forever 21 top, looooove iiiiiiiiiit

Monday, September 9, 2013

Gonna Walk, Gonna Rock

I'm always in a quandary for footwear when I know I'm going to be walking a lot and still want to look stylish

Went with Sketchers for this outing

Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, CA in a Weekend - 2 Bedroom Apartment

As you can see from my travels I love The Chateau Marmont, LA vibe. Such a mixture of bohemian and shabby shiek. Its utterly amazing!

This is where James Dean jumped through a window to audition with Natalie Wood. Where Elizabeth Taylor brought Montgomery Clift to recover after his car accident. Where Betty Davis lived. Where Clarke Gable use to meet up with his secret starlet affairs. Where John Belushi OD'd. Where members of Led Zeppelin rode their bikes through the lobby for goodness sakes, in other words, SCANDAL city! Everyone you can imagine has partied, eaten, lived and even died here

My last review was on the Premier Garden Cottage, this one, a 2 Bedroom Apartment

 Upon arrival, we head straight for the Terrace, YEAH!!!!! Your star gazing powers go into override. This visit alone we partied in the presence of Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Ritchie and the Madden twins, Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington .... just to name a few, the list goes on

Check out our digs, lovely

Our Led Zeppelin recreate

(Image couresty of Google Images)

Their so personable, always remember return guests with little notes! call me crazy but it really is the little things

Once we unpack we head to the pool for some more drinky poos, get my theme here

Yeah we're goof balls, wearing matching bathing suits, LOL!!!!


Their new resident kitty, I was so pissed off, someone stole the other one they had, what kind of freak steals a cat! Especially one that has a great home. I even wrote to TMZ to try to get them to cover the story hoping someone knew someone who knew who stole it and could bring it back. They didn't and the poor cat was never found

We meet the most interesting people by the pool. This fellow had the funniest tattoo. It's his morgue foot tag. He said he wanted to give them a laugh when he's brought in. Ya think?

Afterwards we did our usual shop till you drop on Hollywood Blvd and a visit to Graumans Chinese Theater. I always have to put my hands into Marilyn Monroe in cement, the fit is perfect

(Image courtesy of Google Images)

(Image courtesy of Google Images)

(Image courtesy of Google Images)

Then off to the Roosevelt Hotel for some nighttime fun

Marilyn lived here on and off. She did her very first print add by this pool

Next day; mornings always start here, the terrace for breakfast

Then off to Universal Studios. Never, Ever go without front of the line or VIP passes .... do you hear me NEVER

War of the Worlds

That night, off to have the best meals ever, my mouth waters just thinking of the food in the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This time we sat out on the terrace. OMG!!!! I just love terraces, there always overgrown and have a jungle like feel

(Image courtesy of Google Images)

No trip is ever complete without a stop to the shopping district and Santee Alley. Faux everything you can think of. Its quite a maze system and very 3rd world. My favorite entrance is at 12th and Maple

I can't say enough about my weekenders away in LA, ssssoooooo much fun!

We always leave at night so we can squeeze as much in as possible

Our last day ... lets just say it, we look like shit. I say, if you have too, there is no place i'd rather.  We've shopped, eaten and partied like maniacs. We decided to stroll around Beverly Hills and Sunset and look for somewhere to eat

(Image couresty of Google Images)

I told the cab driver to just let us out and recognized he dropped us at Doheny. The street Marilyn lived on. We took a stroll and alas, found her old residence

(Image couresty of Google Images)

Walking along restaurant row looking at a menu and gazed up to find Tommy Lee from Motley Crue looking right at me, HUH!


We make a point to eat Mexican in LA. Just the best guacamole made fresh right at our table

Till next time LA