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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, CA in a Weekend - Premier Garden Cottage

I must say there is no place like home....and by home I mean, the Chateau Marmont

Wanna party with the rich and famous? I try to stay at least once a year

On this particular visit we chose to stay in a Premier Garden Cottage, OMG! Loved it

You basically enter into the carport. The hotel is situated perfectly so no paparazzi or prying eyes can get inside

You then enter into this hallway and go upstairs to the lobby, inside lounging area and entrance to the terrace. The bronze elevator doors are amazing

When you check in they're sure to tell you anything goes. No shit Sherlock, if your faint of heart...keep your head down and look the other way, LOL! TOO much fun

We always arrive in the morning and go outside to the terrace for some drinkies

There are always so many famous people here your not allowed to take any pictures in any of the public areas. I only got a few because they were right on you to stop

With our private satin key we have access to a heaven you wouldn't believe unless you saw it with your own eyes

Let me take you inside to the private world of Cottages and Bungalows my friends

You meander through a dense jungle garden. Its like wandering through the tropics, palms as big as ever with bougainvillea and bamboo everywhere. There are little grottos all over with tables and chairs and ponds. After you walk about half an acre from the hotel and pass the pool and make your way out of the jungle you come to several cottages that surround a little courtyard

Alas, our digs

The first thing we always do, strip down and head to the pool. Doesn't everyone

Check out this cute little entryway we found to get there

Quite inadequate in size for a hotel of this caliber but very kiche

You never know who you'll run into. On this particular day it was Anna Laub of Prism from London preparing her swimsuits for a photo shoot to be held at the Chateau the next day

This is a view of the Chateau from the pool

Private entrance to Bungalow No 3 where John Belushi OD'd

Ping Pong anyone?

After that a quick star gazing and shopping trip along Hollywood Boulevard

That night we went to Bar Marmont next door to the Chateau. The BEST homemade chips and dip I've ever had

Got up bright and early the next morning for some breakie on the terrace then off to Santee Alley for a morning of...more shopping. Hmm see a theme here?

No one beats the size of this morning Latte

Speaking of Santee Alley, its a MUST. Strange and wonderful place. Its kinda got a 3rd world creepy feel and the way the alleyways wind around can be a bit confusing but harmless. Go early! the crowds get stifling with the heat in the afternoon. I always tell the taxi driver to drop us off at 12th and Maple, we seem to like that area the best and know our way around

This is the place to shop for everything knock off you can imagine. Now keep in mind, you will see stuff you wish you didn't, but again, just look away

Got this cute little casual outfit for $10.00

So now off to the Skybar, its a club that surrounds a pool with cabanas, couches, tables, beds and chairs that is on the rooftop of a building with a killer view, which I didn't take any pictures of for some reason

 As usual a few too many Patron, yikes .. when will I learn. Oh well, NEVER I guess

After Skybar we went back to outdoor terrace at the Chateau for a night cap, that is one happening place! everyday we ate breakfast right next to one of the band members of INXS, there were producers and directors and actors all the time. T was especially pleased when Lindsay Lohan showed up. its very exclusive and actually fairly small, the outdoor terrace, so you can see everyone. the atmosphere feels surreal

No trip to LA is complete with out a trip to Universal Studios

Mark my words, do not go unless you get VIP passes or at least Front of the Line. More expensive but you'll thank me for the advice. The lineups are ridiculous!

Our favorite attraction is always the studio tour

this is the oldest set that is left, dates back to the very early 1900's. things have changed over the years since we were last there, there have been 2 major fires that have wiped certain things and they've had to be rebuilt. For instance the original King Kong attraction is gone but now replaced with an awesome King Kong 3D feature from the newest King Kong with Naomi Watts

This must have been our first time back since T was of age, didn't even realize you could buy beer while waiting in line. Figures she would see that one

Stop by the House of Blues for Sunday brunch, nom nom and gospel entertainment to boot

Eventually all good things come to an end and our weekend is over

Until next time

Parting gift, can't beat these prices

Stay tuned for my next installment at the Chateau with a stay in a two bedroom apartment