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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vancouver Fashion Week March 2015 Meet The Crowd

This is the second year in a row I've had the pleasure to attend Vancouver Fashion Week

If there is one thing I've realized about this season, I'm as equally interested in the attendees as the designers.  I've met some great people that are SERIOUSLY interesting.  I'm a firm believer we can all learn a thing or two from someone we admire and are successful in a field that interests us.  There is no such thing as competition to me, there is room for everyone.  I just love it when someone is kind enough to share words of wisdom.  I've decided to start to introduce you all to the hidden gems of this fair city

Last season I was blown away with Jessie Liu from Simple Pair designs.  I've since had the pleasure of flying to San Francisco for a private fitting with her, which you can see here San Francisco in a Weekend Nope, 1 day and she was kind enough to dress me for my "Las Vegas in a Weekend" which you can see here Las Vegas in a Weekend

When I saw her show I kept telling my friends it was like art to my eyes.  Little did I know at the time that her materials are dyed using her friends paintings as a pattern, now I get it. Jessie has become a dear friend and agreed to send me even more designs for this season of VFW.  I'm wearing a beautiful top from her SS 2015 Collection.  The bead work adds such a lovely sparkle.  Unfortunately being this time of year in Vancouver it was quite chilly in the tents so I had to cover up with a warm sweater.  The second design she sent will be worn at a later date.  I was overtaken by allergies and unable to attend opening night, stay tuned, you'll love it

This is my favourite side kick Darlene Karimi of Designer Doll Fashions by Darlene K. My cutie patootie bestie was a friend extraordinaire during this entire time.  Not only did she do my hair and makeup every night, I also wore a design of hers on closing night and she was kind enough to cover as my camera man. Thanking you, smooch

My first interview was with Aurora Chan from Style by Fire, This is a multi talented girl.  She has a blog, is a writer, model and photographer

See our interview here

I managed to meet Marilyn R. Wilson author of Life Outside The Box, you can follow her here Olio by Marilyn and buy her book here Influence Publishing

See our interview here

Love love love this next girl, Cynthia Pace.  Since the first time I met her I've been enthralled by her style, no surprise, she's a Fashion Stylist.  Apologies for the poor sound quality, with the combo of closing night excitement and her lovely soft voice you need to strain to hear. Don't worry we'll do a redo at a later date.  You can reach Cynthia here for personal fashion consulting Cynthia Pace

See our interview here.  Just a side note, it doesn't hurt to have friends in all places.  Just as my friend Brett walked by I handed him the camera and asked him to film us only to find out he's a Vancouver Film School graduate.  Is there anyone here that is not multi faceted?  Ha ha, I even started the camcorder for him because I thought he didn't know how. Oh and he's a model that will be in an upcoming show I'm working on .... more on him another time, LOL

Randi Winter, what to say about her, what a great lady.  I met her just under a year ago. She is very welcoming, outrageously colourful and all about happy things.  She travels more than anyone I know, and what do you know, she's a travel writer.  What an awesome job!!!!

See our interview here.  Side note, Randi is such a great sport, I threw down my tripod and she almost tripped on it twice during our interview, OMG sorry

Follow Randi here Passionate Travel as she says "if you can dream it, we can plan it"

Symone Says, whoa, what fun.  Vancouver's best Drag Queen ever!  I've been to a few events where she is Emcee, very entertaining

See our interview here.  You heard the lady follow Symone on Facebook here Symone Says

I can't thank Vancouver Fashion Week enough for granting me media access.  I tried like the dickens to get my hands on Jamal the founder but could never quite get close enough.  He was surrounded by people every time I saw him.  Another time Jamal.  Great event as usual, look forward to September 2015.  I'd like to get a more behind the scenes look at what it takes to put such a grand scale event together

I tell ya this is quite a marathon week, I was just famished and needed a snack,  Hope nobody minded, tee hee, nutella and front row baby

These are my two camera men (people), thank you`s

(Photo by Mohammad Zahid)

(Photo by Sam Stringer)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vancouver Fashion Week 2015 Day 1 - Claire's Nail Review

Oh my goodness I've been so down and out with allergies, I have not even been able to attend

I feel like it was 2 years ago all over again, I missed it then, same reason, argh

Well at the very least I've enjoyed watching for everyone else's posts and pics

My favourite girl to look out for is Aurora Chan from Style by Fire, her and her partner are EVERYWHERE.  I first met Aurora at a photo shoot and thought she had the most mesmerizing look, I really couldn't take my eyes off her.  You can find her here Style by Fire

To put a little smile on my face I decided to get nail ready.  I believe I'll feel well enough to attend in a couple of days

This is my first time trying claire's Faux Nails.  Regular price is $6.75, wow that's cheaper than Walmart's $8.88 for plain white.  Get this, they were on sale for $3.00!!!! love a deal.  I noticed right away they are not as thick as Broadway or Kiss.  I wondered if they would feel flimsy at all and I'm happy to say, no, they feel just fine

I generally go for the plain white because they come in different lengths and I prefer short.  These ones automatically came in short so just perfect!  Remember though to buy a better quality glue, I find the one's included just don't cut it


Picked out the lace and black tie especially for VFW, see you there ... soon

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hot Off The Press, MetroLivingZine Talent Agency Soft Launch

Who wouldn't like to party with Vancouver's finest at the Xi Shi Lounge inside the Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver

I have to hand it to the urban expert wrangler and founder Angela Krewenchuk, girl knows how to throw a party.  The location was a stellar choice, heck the lobby alone is worth a looksy.  Once inside the packed lounge it felt like the opening for Gone With The Wind with the amount of blinding photo flashes.  Not to overlook the fact that on any given night you'll spot a celebrity or two ... or three

Angela is lovely, fun and SO FULL of energy.  I first met her at VFW 2014 and have wanted to get to know her better ever since

Her agency is always on the hunt for urban experts in all fields, how novel that someone will do all the research for me. This online magazine is one stop shopping for essential Vancouver services. Check it out here MetroLivingZine There was swing dancing, cake, rocking music, a silent auction and great friends new and old to ring in the festivities

I arrived with my dear friend, designer Darlene Karimi from Designer Doll Fashions by Darlene K. We brought along some of the models for our upcoming production (more to come on that) and showcased designs from her last collection

For those that could not make it check out my vlog to see what you missed. Aww in my next breath, sorry you missed it

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Events Events Events

In the throes of our next production for Designer Doll Fashions by Darlene K,  We have added some new members to our team, welcome everyone




You can see our last production here Once Upon a Time
and our show at the Shangri-La Hotel here Trunk Show

Mapped out the ride for Bikes Against Bullies 2015, you can see the test ride video here Bikes Against Bullies 2015 Test Ride
For more information on this years ride see here Bikes Against Bullies
You can see last years event video here Bikes against Bullies 2014

We are growing by leaps and bounds into our Third Annual Ride
This year we will start at Trev Deeley Motorcycles and end at Ruby Creek Art Gallery

Will be attending the Metro-Living-Zine Talent Agency soft launch.  Looking forward to getting to know Angela Krewenchuk the founder better and catching up with old friends (and by that I don't mean their old!) LOL

Vancouver Fashion Week is coming!!!!!!!!!!

I am super excited to be wearing designs by Designer Doll Fashions by Darlene K, Simple Pair Fashion Design by Jessie Liu and jewellery by Carolyn Bruce at Painted Cookie

You can see me here Las Vegas in a Weekend in designs by Simple Pair
and here Hycroft Manor Greater than Gatsby event wearing designs that Carolyn made especially for moi

Have a great day everyone

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Test Ride - Bikes against Bullies 2015

Every year my family throws a fundraising event called Bikes against Bullies to benefit the Amanda Todd Legacy Society

We have become dear friends with Amanda's mother Carol.  I believe she is one of the bravest people I know.  She has dignity and speaks so elequently.  She puts herself out there front and center, for all to see and hear.  She has opened conversation regarding mental health issues that could only be opened with sheer determination and guts

Our event this year will be held on July 26, 2015.  It will begin at Trev Deeley Motorcycles and end at Ruby Creek Art Gallery.  We are honoured guests of the Sq'ewa:lxw First Nation for a traditional Salmon BBQ

Here is the test ride we did a few days ago to map out our route.  Stunning setting with windy mountain roads