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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vancouver Fashion Week 2015 Day 1 - Claire's Nail Review

Oh my goodness I've been so down and out with allergies, I have not even been able to attend

I feel like it was 2 years ago all over again, I missed it then, same reason, argh

Well at the very least I've enjoyed watching for everyone else's posts and pics

My favourite girl to look out for is Aurora Chan from Style by Fire, her and her partner are EVERYWHERE.  I first met Aurora at a photo shoot and thought she had the most mesmerizing look, I really couldn't take my eyes off her.  You can find her here Style by Fire

To put a little smile on my face I decided to get nail ready.  I believe I'll feel well enough to attend in a couple of days

This is my first time trying claire's Faux Nails.  Regular price is $6.75, wow that's cheaper than Walmart's $8.88 for plain white.  Get this, they were on sale for $3.00!!!! love a deal.  I noticed right away they are not as thick as Broadway or Kiss.  I wondered if they would feel flimsy at all and I'm happy to say, no, they feel just fine

I generally go for the plain white because they come in different lengths and I prefer short.  These ones automatically came in short so just perfect!  Remember though to buy a better quality glue, I find the one's included just don't cut it


Picked out the lace and black tie especially for VFW, see you there ... soon

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