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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eco FashionWeek Day 1 - Sessions/Nicole Bridger "BE" Collection

What a great day!

Learned alot, didn't realize how badly the clothing industry is for our planet

I've been helping the environment my whole life by thrifting and didn't even know it...I'm proud of myself

Loved Nicole Bridgers "BE" Collection showcased at the Portside Pub in Gastown. Hot damn, gotta get me some. They have the most effortless fits I've ever seen. The draping and the way they hang make my mouth drool

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

L'oreal fresh dust - Review

Meet my new best friend

You know when something comes up last minute, yikes! and you don't have time to shower up that hair. Today that very thing happened to me. Not to worry I said, dry shampoo is the answer.  I've wanted to give this a whirl and now is as good a time as any

Another recent swag bag item. Again these opinions are mine and mine alone

This is L'oreal fresh dust dry shampoo. For the girl on the run!

I went from this...

To the shake of a cats tail as my Father would say

 It's a keeper. I have to say it worked like magic. I admit I was afraid to put product on my hair and then take the straightener to it, can everyone say "flammable". I made sure it was all dry before applying any heat with no problems

Monday, April 8, 2013

meet dermalogica your best skin starts here! - Review

At my age, 48, I always wonder if any of the endless age defying skin creams and promises that are hocked on TV and in magazines really work. I would not say I'm vain, however I would like more youthful looking skin. Is that even possible?

My skin regime up until now has been to put on 30 sunblock lotion everyday, no matter what the weather, THATS IT

If anyone knows where the fountain of youth is speak up now, I'm getting older everyday. In the meantime i'll test and review the dermalogica sample kit I recently got in a swag bag at an event.

These are my opinions only and i'm sure results vary depending on an endless amount of criteria; mainly hereditary

First up is the multivitamin power firm. It states: Recommended for the smart management and treatment of skin aging. Hmm...that could be me all right

My experience:

I concentrated on the worry lines on my forehead and my lip wrinkles. I didn't use it under my eyes as i'm always weary of using firming agents there. I figure if it elastasizes the area for awhile then what happens when it wears off? You get my meaning, could make things worse when it snaps back to its original spot. Thats just me though

No scent
It makes my skin feel very soft
Not greasy

Next up the special cleansing gel. It states: Recommended for all skin conditions

My experience:

The directions are to lather a small amount in hands and apply. Its soap-free so I found it worked best to put a dab in my palm and not go directly to my face. Then with my finger dab it onto my face and slightly work in. Then I applied a bit of warm water to my face and then worked it fully around my face and throat. If I didn't do this it dried up in my hands before I could apply it
My face was really shiny after I washed it away, I mean really shiny

No scent
Not greasy

Next up the skin smoothing cream. It states: Recommended for drier or prematurely-aging skin. I don't know about this one, maybe best for the sun lovers but hey i'll still give it a go. Well who am I kidding, sure i'll use it, my skin is aging!

Reminds me of a girl who approached me once in Arizona. Her: "your not from here are you?" Me: No, why would you ask?" Her: because your skin isn't all dry and weathered". That was a compliment

Lucky for me I guess, I live in Vancouver, BC, it rains ALOT here. Guess it keeps my skin from drying out

My experience:

This stuff feels great! I must say from someone that uses only sunblock, my face is tingling. My skin also feels very soft and cool

No scent
Not greasy

Next up brighten up!, daily microfoliant. It states: Recommended for all skin conditions

My experience:

This one I had some fun with. If you knew me you'd know I can't pass up a puddle when I have my wellies on without jumping into it. I love something that gives me a little chuckle and what I liken to face painting is right up there.You wet your hands and put some of the powder into your palm then create a paste. While putting the past on my face I discovered there was some type of granual in there. He he, the little scrubbers busy working to get rid of all the dead skin. My face felt taut afterwards. Like a mini facial for sure

Not greasy
No scent
Fun to apply

Over all I would use this stuff daily. It's kinda a way to pamper myself and put in that little bit extra in this crazy hectic world  A way to spend some quality time with myself

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Attitude Adjustment

Ever feel like you just want to shed some skin? You know what I mean, when you feel the need for change. Every so many years I get into this mode and go for a complete overhaul, or as I like to say, shed some skin. It seems to get me out of a rutt and help give me a different outlook on my life. Like a little happy pill or a reminder to simply pull my socks up!

My mother has been on me for years to cut my hair. She says it ages me to have long hair. I have resisted FOR EVER but, here goes

Today I went from this.....

To this....

What do you think? Do I look younger?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Coachella 2013

Someones Coachella package arrived today! and when I say someone I don't mean me, argh...

My daughter has all the fun

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Good Day Joe Fresh

Do you ever feel like you can always count on something

For me its Joe Fresh being on sale at Real Canadian Superstore

Todays score: mix n match...1 pair of pants + 3 shirts and 1 sweater = 4 new outfits for under $50.00

Check this out,  these pants are discounted to under 7.00