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Thursday, April 11, 2013

L'oreal fresh dust - Review

Meet my new best friend

You know when something comes up last minute, yikes! and you don't have time to shower up that hair. Today that very thing happened to me. Not to worry I said, dry shampoo is the answer.  I've wanted to give this a whirl and now is as good a time as any

Another recent swag bag item. Again these opinions are mine and mine alone

This is L'oreal fresh dust dry shampoo. For the girl on the run!

I went from this...

To the shake of a cats tail as my Father would say

 It's a keeper. I have to say it worked like magic. I admit I was afraid to put product on my hair and then take the straightener to it, can everyone say "flammable". I made sure it was all dry before applying any heat with no problems

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