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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To Install A Light Fixture For Girls

The one thing always lacking in my life is a partner, story of my life

Whenever I want to tackle a new home renovation I need to learn a new trade

Completed my first electrical job, yeah!!!!!

Installed a new powder room light fixture, yes, all by myself

Friday, October 24, 2014

San Francisco in a Weekend, Nope 1 Day

OMGosh I'm exhausted in a great way, San Francisco in 1 day

Generally when I go away for a trip I spend two days at my location and showcase what one can get up to in such a short amount of time  This really was a whirlwind, even for me.  Here is San Francisco in 24 hours, what an exciting 24 hours it was

As you all know, it begins here ....


Vancouver Airport art

usually go straight to duty free and buy a little bottle of something something, then straight to Starbucks.  Really the coffee is just an add on so I don't look like some freak drinking straight out of the bottle, LOL

OK this is hilarious, worked late and slept maybe 3 hours before heading out, wanting every minute of sleep I could get so I opted to do my make-up in the airport bathroom while I kill time and wait for my flight,  I must have looked a sight for anyone that came in

I always fly Air Canada whenever possible.  I say it's the airline that just never stops giving

Left this behind and gladly jumped up above the clouds

so excited!!! getting closer

I scrunched myself into a crazy little ball and managed to sleep the whole flight, this is on arrival, not bad

Took the BART for the first time into the city, really convenient

My stop, the financial district

Ended up here, your never going to guess where I am!!!!! The design studio of Jessie Liu from Simple Pair Designs.  We have an incredible collaboration happening that I'll fill you in on later

Simple Pair Fashion Design

The door person was so cute, she said no one is allowed to take photos but would look the other way

I first saw Jessie's designs at Vancouver Fashion Week 2014, blown away!  She is so sweet and lovely, I mean really lovely

  I met with her and her team, Gonbee Tanaka Senior Pattern Director and mentor and Joon Hee Song her assistant for my fitting for her Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.  I've never had a personal fitting before and it was a great experience

Check out the collection here

The fabric designs are taken from a friends paintings, no wonder it's like art to my eyes

Then off to a delicious lunch

I wandered around a bit taking in the architecture.  Very refreshing to enjoy a city that embraces the uniqueness of older buildings instead of just knocking them down

As if my day was not exciting enough, met up with one of my best childhood friends.  I haven't seen Jackie since grade 9, oh how time flies

We went to Madera Restaurant and Lounge at the Rosewood.  This picture obviously does not do this place justice

We started on the outdoor patio, then went inside for dinner, then to the lounge.  Californians take their social drinking to another level.  Got walking towards the vehicle after dinner and thought,
 nope, it does not end here and went right back inside.  I just love a good speak feast

Pumpkin soup; mmmmwaa! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

VIFF 2015 Advanced Style Screening - Eco Fashion Week

Huge thank you to Myriam Laroche and Ashleigh Said for their very generous invite to view the Eco Fashion Week collaborative screening of "Advanced Style" at VIFF

Myiram campaigns tirelessly for industry change towards eco fashion while never denying fashion itself

Ari Seth Cohen, kudos for such insight into newly discovered underexposed fashion Advanced Style  Its people like you that make the blogging world so much fun!

(photo: EFW)

Myriam Laroche Founder EFW Eco Fashion Week and Designer Evan Ducharme

Photographers Bryce Bladon for EFW and Bijan Dharas

Dominique Hanke Hive Mind Millinery

Q&A after the screening with Director Lina Plioplyte.  Some very styling ladies in the audience

Was a great film!  If you get the chance to see it I highly recommend you do.  Catch the trailer at the bottom of this blog