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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

VIFF 2015 Advanced Style Screening - Eco Fashion Week

Huge thank you to Myriam Laroche and Ashleigh Said for their very generous invite to view the Eco Fashion Week collaborative screening of "Advanced Style" at VIFF

Myiram campaigns tirelessly for industry change towards eco fashion while never denying fashion itself

Ari Seth Cohen, kudos for such insight into newly discovered underexposed fashion Advanced Style  Its people like you that make the blogging world so much fun!

(photo: EFW)

Myriam Laroche Founder EFW Eco Fashion Week and Designer Evan Ducharme

Photographers Bryce Bladon for EFW and Bijan Dharas

Dominique Hanke Hive Mind Millinery

Q&A after the screening with Director Lina Plioplyte.  Some very styling ladies in the audience

Was a great film!  If you get the chance to see it I highly recommend you do.  Catch the trailer at the bottom of this blog

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