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Monday, February 10, 2014

Doggy Daycare Spa Wash Amanda Todd Society Fundraiser 2014

Had the pleasure of attending an Amanda Todd Fundraiser today

It was nice to meet Christy.  Her selfless fundraising efforts raised close to $1500.00 for Amanda's Society. They do great work with raising awareness towards Bullying and Mental Health

Way too go to all the volunteers that chose to spend their Family Day caring and sharing

Special thanks to Dr. Bassi of the 186th Street Animal Hospital for the use of his facilities and his kind donation, you sound like a gem!

It was great to meet some new friends and see some other volunteers I have met before

Friday, February 7, 2014

Broadway Fake Nail Review

In my quest for the perfect fake nails I've tried the cheapest version I could find

Why would I do that ... because I believe something does not have to be expensive to be good

BROADWAY is the same company as KISS Products,their cheaper version.  Fine with me, we know how that goes.  Lots of companies have another brand that is less costly

This brand, only $5.47. Yeah!!!!!

Just as the more expensive brands did, they lasted 3 full weeks and come with extra's in case you loose one along the way.  Really this could be called a 6 week review because the kit comes with 24 nails, after the first 3 weeks I replaced both hands with fresh ones and went another 3 weeks!

Funny, for the cheaper brand they also came with more gadgets.  You get a manicure stick and a tool for easy application.  However, it did not come with a buffer?  Oh well, I had one from another kit

The look is not as sheer as their more expensive brand but you would only know that if you put your hand up against a sheer pair.  It's also a preference because lots of people I know go for the matte pink color on purpose

I mentioned in my last review of fake nails that I also prefer to buy a more substantial glue than the one in the kit, gets too jammed up

love them!

DIY Oil Furnace Cleaning

This was an awful job! but, had to be done

It was either pay around $350.00 or do it myself.  I did it myself

I know you ask ... who has an oil furnace in this day and age?  That would be me, my philosophy

.....If it ain't broke don't replace it

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Looking Back Facebook Video

This is trending on Facebook right now. Although it chooses the pictures for you its kind of fun

At first I didn't think there was a way to edit it but on closer look there is an edit button below the video

I left mine as is

It doesn't embed properly but just copy the link into your header

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Looking Glass 2014 Gala Dinner Event

Another HUGE success for Woodstone Residence on Galiano Island.  They do such great work for people with eating disorders. This year was the 10 year anniversary celebration and it heightened the excitement

The decor was simple perfection. It was an absolute pleasure to eat under indoor Cherry Blossoms

Vancouver celebrity Pamela Martin was the MC and did a smashing job as usual

This year T and I worked with another lovely lady named Carina we met as Cracker Girls. We sold them $50 for 1 or $100 for 3. Inside you had a chance to win 2 tickets on AC anywhere in North America and/or an instant gift certificate

 K, the food, nom nom!

Hmmm.....wonder how these guys managed to generate a $40,000 bid at the live auction for dinner with and made by .......................firefighters...............

(photo taken by Linsey Hulls Photography)

What ya doin Linsey, working away

Last years event raised over $400,000, this year their hoping for over $500,000

They also had some great news to share. The Lougheed family have generously donated the Ronald McDonald House as a new Looking Glass location!

Cheers to all, a job well done