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Friday, February 7, 2014

Broadway Fake Nail Review

In my quest for the perfect fake nails I've tried the cheapest version I could find

Why would I do that ... because I believe something does not have to be expensive to be good

BROADWAY is the same company as KISS Products,their cheaper version.  Fine with me, we know how that goes.  Lots of companies have another brand that is less costly

This brand, only $5.47. Yeah!!!!!

Just as the more expensive brands did, they lasted 3 full weeks and come with extra's in case you loose one along the way.  Really this could be called a 6 week review because the kit comes with 24 nails, after the first 3 weeks I replaced both hands with fresh ones and went another 3 weeks!

Funny, for the cheaper brand they also came with more gadgets.  You get a manicure stick and a tool for easy application.  However, it did not come with a buffer?  Oh well, I had one from another kit

The look is not as sheer as their more expensive brand but you would only know that if you put your hand up against a sheer pair.  It's also a preference because lots of people I know go for the matte pink color on purpose

I mentioned in my last review of fake nails that I also prefer to buy a more substantial glue than the one in the kit, gets too jammed up

love them!

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