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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bikers Against Child Abuse 2015 Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

Participated in the 1st Annual Bikers Against Child Abuse Awareness Ride recently. Seriously a great group that protects and helps children that will be testifying feel safe

Visit their site here

There was entertainment, a pancake breakfast, games, it was meticulously organized, way to go! Lovely way to spend a day

The ride started at Mountainview Harley Davidson, did the loop then back to Dukes Pub

What an incredible turnout and the weather was supreme



Sunday, August 9, 2015

Me! A Walking Billboard

I've had a life long distaste toward wearing anything with the name on the outside.  I've refused forever!

Funny how all of a sudden I realize I'M A WALKING BILLBOARD, this is awesome

All the charity clothing I buy from the BCSPCA and various dog rescues do not need to be relegated as cleaning and reno clothing

I'm going to glam up and wear clothing for charities that mean something to me

1st off... we got volunteer T-shirts for our Bikes Against Bullies 2015 event.  If you missed it you can check it out here

People are always wondering how I have such a big bun.  I have a sock in my hair, yes I do.  You put your hair in a ponytail, pull the sock down to your head and just wrap and pin your hair all around it. Easy peasy

Monday, August 3, 2015

Highschool Sweetheart Reunion

Where does the time go?

My brother Dave and I recently had the opportunity to visit with our highschool sweethearts.  Had the most fun strolling down memory lane.  After much talk about he said she said, we were all able to get some answers to much lingering questions.  Funny how our young brains all digest happenings differently

The last time the 4 of us had dinner together was over 30 years ago when Dave moved back to BC to attend post secondary studies.  He saved his money and brought Maria out for a 1 week visit.  Cheeky bugger had to tell her Dad she was off to babysit for a week, very traditional Italian upbringing, NO BOYS

The 4 of us went to 1066 a very fine restaurant in Vancouver at that time, sadly it does not exist anymore.  Rob worked there and would take me once in awhile

Maria was on a whirlwind vacation in Alaska and BC recently so was in our neck of the woods,
we were so happy to see her again. Like old times and we picked up right where we left off

Some before and afters of us all for your enjoyment

Before .....

I would be 16 here and Rob 18.  This was the very day I told Rob my parents had just informed me they were moving back to Ontario.  He was of course freaking as I was unsure if I would stay behind

You have to click on this link to see the Dave and Maria photos as they are a .pdf file so won't display

Here is one I could upload, Maria on the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver.  Not far from our house.  Brave little bean, I've been told she didn't ACTUALLY make it across on this visit, afraid of heights?  I thought originally it was Lynn Canyon Bridge, just a stones throw away but Maria reminded not.  Wow, can we get this bridge rocking.  For some, a thing of nightmares

We decided to go to the Top of Vancouver.  Really a must for visitors to Vancouver.  You might not be able to see all of the city but your eyes can take it in with the most spectacular views from the revolving restaurant.  Fun ride up the glass elevator as well.

When Mom and Dad and I came to BC to buy a house prior to moving from Ontario, they took me here and it made a very lasting impression, spectacular!

(Photo couresty of Google Images)

(Photo courtesy of Google Images)

(Photo courtesy of Google Images)

(Photo courtesy of Google Images)

Oh my lord nom, nom

After .....

Life has been good to us all

I suggest to anyone, meet up with your first love, it is very exciting

Later Alligator