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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Designer Dolls - A Most Unexpected Gift!

Went to see Darlene of Designer Dolls recently

She stunned and shocked me when she did my hair and make up, then handed me the most lovely evening gown

She made it especially for me!  I've never had clothes made specifically for me.  I get the pull for custom made

I've got to tell you the background here .... she met me twice previously on short occasions and guessed my size perfectly.  I am a size small however generally buy in medium because I have boobs, I'm a bit hard to fit.  Love mix and match so I can buy a medium up top and small down below.  Talk about designer savvy

We then did an impromptu photo shoot on her lovely deck overlooking the city and ocean

How did I get so lucky, she has been a kindred spirit from the start

Designer Dolls

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