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Monday, July 1, 2013

Beverly Hills Hotel In a Weekend

Ever wondered what it's like at The Beverly Hills Hotel? AWESOME!

Photo courtesy of Google Images

I'm notorious for going far and wide for just a weekend with my daughter, who is pretty much my sole travel companion

I've always thought I grew up in the wrong time, 30's-50's, that's more like it, talk about a blast, them folk know how to party

Regular guests were the who's who from royalty to celebrity

On again off again residents included: Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes.

Royalty included: King Albert of Belgium, Prince Philip,  the Crown Prince of Monaco, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden

Elizabeth Taylor practically grew up there, not only did she visit with all of her 8 husbands as an adult but as a child her father had a gallery in the lower lobby

This property opened May 12, 1912 thanks to Margaret J Anderson and her son Stanley who were convinced to build across town in the middle of bean fields ... the new territory was Beverly Hills

The entryway screams Beverly Hills, you will not be disappointed from the minute you arrive. Get ready to be wowed!!!!!!!!!!

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Back in the day you could walk into the Polo Lounge and find the Rat Pack guzzling away. Them my folks

Back in the day day Marlene Dietrich blazed the trail there as the first woman to wear pants in public, love it

Photo courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel

The food is absolutely superb, truly, my mouth is watering just thinking about the meals I've devoured there. No kidding some of the best food I've had in the world

The outside patio is my favorite for dinner or lunch. My first visit to the lounge was in my early twenties as a lunch guest....not this time, full on baby

Bar Nineteen 12 was a riot! guests are granted the pleasure of an $800.00 a night table. Yes I said table, in LA if you want to sit anywhere you have to reserve and pay for that privilege...or stand all night

We got quite tipsy

I am not a sun worshipper, however would not miss out on the chance to at least enjoy a couple of drinks in the sunshine

We met a lovely family by the pool from England. They had come for a week, 6 weeks later had still not left. T and I figured they had already spent over 100,000 and still didn't know when they were leaving! I wanna roll that way

Nothing like a cabana, its costly but well worth it. TV and all.  By the way, who watches TV by the pool?

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Seriously the entire Hotel is pink and green with palm tree wallpaper from head to toe. Hmmm...I want me some palm tree wallpaper

Do you know who owns the hotel now? The Sultan of Brunei .. good friend of mine, I'm a dreamer

There is so much to do in LA, pick your sport wisely for such a short stay. A little shopping along the Santa Monica promenade . If you start at the right end you end up at dusk by the amusement area and can top off with a ferris wheel ride

Sunday Brunch at Dan Ackroyds House of Blues. Admittedly very hung over, admittedly could hardly eat

We stopped in at the Hollywood Wax Museum on Hollywood Boulevard, frankly I'd skip it. The Charlie's Angels figures in this picture were quite good but we found most didn't even resemble the real life character

Oh look, who's an Angel now, LOL

Its a costly one and not for the faint at heart. The way I look at it, don't miss out, even if just for a couple of nights

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