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Saturday, July 6, 2013

New York City in a Weekend

New York City will be everything you ever dreamed it would be

When I was younger I dabbled in acting and dreamed of moving to NY to study where the greats did. The closest I came was studying under a student of Strasberg

My dreams of the city however came true

There is so much to do and see. As you know I love weekend getaways and move around from morning till night, absolutely jam packed

I put a dot on a map of NYC for every point of interest to me. To not waste time crisscrossing the city once I checked one off, I would look at the dots around my location and decide before I left the area if there was somewhere else I wanted to go

We stayed at the Affinia in a 2 bedroom apartment. On the costly side but really great and a more relaxed feel after a long day and night out and about. Keep in mind a lot of the hotels also offer complimentary breakfast with higher end accommodation and food is not cheap here

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We arrived at about noon and went for a quick walk over to Chelsea Market. Its housed inside the National Biscuit Company Complex that opened its doors in 1890 in the Meat Packing District

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Yep, that's me trying to blow my skirt over my head standing over a subway grate, yikes, not flowy enough

Midtown: I just love the Rockefellers legacy so had to visit Top of the Rock, yikes 70 floors up!

The rooftop had been closed for many many years. After 911 it refurbished and reopened. Do you know you can rent the rooftop for only $10,000 a night. Talk about a great wedding venue. Ringo Starr held his Birthday Party there

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Central Park

Radio City Music Hall is also housed here

Don't be afraid to jump into a taxi to get around, its dirt cheap. We did a bit of both but the subway is quite fun if you really want to get a feel for your way around. Bloody hot inside on the platform but the trains are air conditioned

Found the infamous Hotel Chelsea, where the Avant guard partied, made movies, wrote songs, wrote books and lived.

 Image couresty of Google Images

 A show on Broadway should definitely be on your list. Do not miss out, you will be thrilled with all the lights and hustle bustle feel. I believe our show "Rock of Ages" was in the Helen Hayes theatre. If you can, make online reservations well in advance but don't feel left out if you want to book last minute. We arranged tickets for a sold out show with our hotel concierge, a bit more expensive but got in AND got great seats

Prior to the show we went to Restaurant Row in Midtown. Its 46th street between 8th and 9th.  Just like it sounds an entire block filled with every type of food you could imagine

Its close enough to Broadway that you can walk some of that food off on the way to the show

A few too many of these jello and test tube shooters. You can purchase in the lobby and during the show right from your seats

Afterwards we walked to Time Square. I highly suggest going at night so you get the bright lights edition

Jumped into a bicycle caddy on the way back to our hotel. This guy was funny. He is a Russian student

Had us laughing uncontrollably by swaying us back and forth. The wind was blowing through our hair and we didn't have a care in the world, What! with all that traffic whizzing by

This is what T saw

This is what I saw, LOL

It's not the cheapest way to travel. I think we went 8 blocks and its over $10.00 a block

This next activity is my top of the list must do: Rent bikes and ride around Central Park. Seriously this city is crazy busy, for an oasis pit stop, DO THIS

We rented our bikes for 3 hours, plenty of time to see the sights and ride around the entire park including the huge water reservoir. They will try to make you think you need at least 5 hours when you rent but don't be fooled 3 is plenty unless you want to stop for a picnic

You can shop all the vendors lining the streets. We got ourselves some faux RayBan's

We went over to Canal Street. Here you can shop all the faux product your heart desires. Pretty much crap at the lower levels but if you want better quality faux you can always follow a stranger down a not so well travelled alleyway

Take the subway to 6th and Canal and your right in the heart of it

My little one bought me a fun watch

After Canal Street we walked over to Little Italy for some of the finest pizza I've ever tasted

I can never see everything on my short trips. I try to combat that with some type of 360 view of my surroundings so at least if my feet can't my eyes can see it all

We went with World Yacht. They have different package points so affordable in all ranges. The tour went down the Hudson, under the Brooklyn Bridge, up the East River past the Statue of Liberty and back again. The lights were spectacular

Alas, the day arrives when its time to leave. We leave our destination at night so as to squeeze every last drop out of our stay. We checked out of our hotel and then walked the High Line. Built along the old train tracks and raised up from the city sidewalks. Very lovely and again an oasis in this busy city

Its a great start to the day if you're just a little bit hung over from the night before Bwahahah!!

Its built on the elevated Central Railway spur and a lovely peaceful 1 mile walk

Caught me off guard. At first I thought someone was waiving at me. These are window blinds and are in many of the windows along the way. How fun

There is lots of yumminess to be found along the way

Its hard to pick between museums, they all seem so interesting. We chose MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art. I was thrilled to see some works by Warhol, Van Gogh and Monet.

Actually waited my whole life up to now to see the "Water Lilies" still need to get to France to visit his homestead

We tested out both airports in NYC for accessibility, both rated excellent. Flew into La Guardia and took a taxi to our hotel. Flew out of Newark and took the train

I'm quite the country girl at heart and found the crowds somewhat overwhelming .. would I go back again, in a heartbeat!

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