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Monday, December 22, 2014

Instagram and Picture Week

Just when I think things will slow down .... they don't LOL

A last minute trunk show for Designer Doll Fashions by DK at the Shangri La Hotel Vancouver at

This is what I do back stage now, hair? as you can see I didn't even have time to do my own, LOL Leave it to me to assist with a Fashion Show and not look anything like I can even pull myself together!

(Photo by Dominic Manea)

Some last minute discussion on calling out the models with designer Darlene Karimi

(Photo by Dominic Manea)

(Photo by Dominic Manea)

(Photo by Dominic Manea)

We loves the sparkle

(Photo by Dominic Manea)

(Photo by Dominic Manea)

(Photo by Dominic Manea)

(Photo by Dominic Manea)

Wow, wow and wow, went to the Capilano Suspension bridge to look at the lights, do the Cliffwalk and Tree Top Adventures and cross the Suspension Bridge

Seriously!!!!!! everyone go.  I grew up in North Vancouver and I think the last time I was here was when I was 14.  Lynn Canyon was my playground so we would never pay to cross a bridge

If your a resident in BC your admission gives you a season's pass, OMG going to see this in the daylight.  The most beautiful sight for my eyes, twinkly, sparkly, heavenly lights everywhere. You really get a feeling for how long the different walks are, some of the canyon is lit up below but not enough for pics so you don't even realize how high up you are.  If this is the only thing you do this Christmas it is well worth it

Two generations of besty's.  My daughter is best friends with my best friends daughter, and why not they grew up together from day 1, how fun

My High School sweetheart Rob, glad to have this dude back in my life

Yay!!!!! brought Brandy Beans, nice little treat

 My camera would just not take a good pic of the Suspension Bridge, too many lights, Holy Cow that thing rocks.  We used to think we could get Lynn Canyon going.  This one is wider so swings more, don't be afraid its a thrill

That's the bridge above and behind T, It has a crazy span

 Never say never but I don't think anything else will come from now till Christmas so Merry Christmas everyone.  Be safe and spend time surrounded by great people

The Bodo Brother all snugged in

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