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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Las Vegas in a Weekend

Whoot Whoot!!! good times had by all

My dear friends took me to Vegas to celebrate my 50th birthday, that's a milestone worthy of a good party

Truthfully I've never bought into driving to the States and flying from there, I've been told how inexpensive and easy it is to do and wow, yes it was

We drove to Bellingham, WA and flew with Allegiant Air, go for it, well worth the savings

My usual start to a VERY early morning

My compadres, Christina and Sharon

Seriously no drinking problem here, I never actually get the chance to drink, I'm my own designated driver.  When I do get to unwind I do it to the extreme, I never rent a car while on vacation, taxi's everywhere baby, bwahahaha and in the coffee she goes

Tee hee, leaving this

Love shooting up above the clouds

OMG we were all so tired, gotta catch some ZZZZZ's and rejuice.  We started off the trip with little to no sleep, LOL

We're here

Day 1

Another first, usually stay at the Bellagio, however stayed at the Excalibur*Hotel*Casino*Las Vegas was very nice and clean and they were so hospitable, had a huge yum yum basket waiting for us.  I would definitely stay there again

We had a show lined up for each night but only two tickets to one of them.  We stopped by TIX4TONIGHT, got the best deal on the 3rd ticket AND tickets to an exhibit.  Their located at several spots along the strip.  Whatever your going to do or see you can do it cheaper buying your tickets here

These old lights always please me

Went to the Auto Collection at The Linq  My first visit was about 16 years ago.  I was so thrilled to see not one but two Elvis cars.  If you know me you know I love Elvis.  This visit was a great one, there is something to be said about standing beside a vehicle that JFK rode in

and Marilyn Monroe

Love you dude

The icing on top of the cake, Jimmy Velvet was there selling his recent book.  You can speak with him about Elvis and many of the other greats Jimmy hob nobbed with through out his own incredible career.  Thank goodness he always had his camera by his side Jimmy Velvet

Next up:

Street cruising, of course

Shopping, of course

Gambling, of course

Drinking, of course

Eating, of course

 Getting dolled up, of course

Our first night we went to the production of "Pin Up" at the Stratosphere, spoiled with front row! VERY fun.  Claire Sinclair is adorable to watch, what a beauty, honestly.  I just love a live performance.  I was so pleased, the dancing was outrageous, the cast gorgeous, a live band .... OMG enough skin to make the world right again, LOL must see!

Then up to the observation Deck for the view, they have some of the craziest rides up there Stratosphere Hotel & Casino

I was fortunate to be dressed in Simple Pair by Jessie Liu.  I've mentioned her before 

I felt incredible in her designs on both evenings



Day 2

We loved the Da Vinci exhibit at The Venetian  This is not a museum exhibit, it is based on the history of Da Vinci.  There are no original paintings or architectural endeavours or inventions.  It is very well done and their replicas are really great to get a visual of how the mechanics all worked


We had a great walk about in some of the hotels, the sights never cease to amaze me

That night we readied ourselves for ZUMANITY.  Holy great show Batman!!!!! Spoiled with second row, close enough to get involved first hand with all the effects.  No pictures allowed inside but take my word for it, dare I say feast for the eyes.  Never been to a Cirque show before and will go to all of them now

It was held at the New York New York we just loved it there and literally stayed ALL night, the music was epic

 Check out the waist on this fellow, I can practically put my arm around the whole thing

Later that night ...

Instagram Fun In Vegas below

We kept losing Sharon and started to create "Where's Sharon" videos.  Complete strangers were very good sports.  We could not have timed it better when Sharon walked up to me in one of them

Where is Sharon? #vegas #midnightstuper

A video posted by Kymberley (@globedater) on

A video posted by Kymberley (@globedater) on

A video posted by Kymberley (@globedater) on

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