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Friday, December 27, 2013

Blingo Blingo Jewelry, Candy To My Eyes

I recently came across a start up Facebook Fan Page called Blingo Blingo

It was exciting to see such a new site and I was intrigued by the pop up sale concept

I must admit, I love a giveaway and hashtag:  #coachpurse, #free, #giveaway, #jewelry, #love ...  you get my point, this sight has lots. There was a great Coach purse giveaway with few shares, so I decided to tell all my friends about it.  For the first time ever I felt like I or someone I knew would actually win.  He he, my friend Kay did win, yeahhhhhhh

The whole start up thing really catches my attention.  I  got to wondering about the brains behind the scenes. I'm like a sponge, my thing is to reach out to people and try to learn how to take a dream and make it a reality.  So I contacted and was pleased to be able to meet the CEO and Founder Purple.  She's as cute as ever ... and that is the funnest name

We had a lovely latte and treat to get to know one another.  And a, hhm, yes of course I was eyeing up the bag of goodies she agreed to bring at my urging. Can you say, shiny

I just loves me some costume jewelry, yum.  Can make an outfit by a mile.  Not cheap looking though. These 18 kt. gold dipped bracelets were definitely some of my favourites as well as the silver bead bracelets. I would need to stop myself from layering right up my arm

Turns out Purple comes from a long line of Jewelers. She has the expertise and working knowledge for high end jewels.  I'd say an eye for quality is definitely needed to supply good quality costume jewelry.  We all love it, you can say it. You'll notice the Love bracelet is facing me and not outward.  Decided I could look at THAT more often, LOL

Entrepreneurs rock my world; people that want to drum to their own beat. In our conversation I learned Purple travels the world, has lived in many places AND professionally arranges flowers.  Where can I sign up?

Check out Blingo Blingo's FB page for their next sale
or Twitter @BlingoBlingo

The best part....we might even work together on a project, pinch me!

Oh, and just an FYI, there is Chanel makeup giveaway on right now.  Don't delay and enter

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