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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Create Your Own Heat Source

Saw a video today from a boat owner on how to create your own little heat source

My work area is directly beside a window and in the winter its a very cool spot.  Doesn't help my windows are so old (future job).  Decided to give this a try as an alternate to constantly using the furnace

I had a brief discussion with myself around carbon monoxide, however, I'm using tea lights and those are candles everyone uses around the house on a regular basis; put that to rest

Apparently it works with the air moving around between the pots and pushing out around the room

Supplies: I found all this stuff just lying around the house

I got a little fancier than the boater who uses this to heat his boat

Top off the inside pot

Place the larger pot over the smaller one

The candles will burn for around 4 hours. Your heating a small space for about .15 cents a day ... sounds like a deal

 We'll see if this keeps me cozy.  Brilliant!

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