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Friday, January 17, 2014

BHANA Designs - Trisha Rampersad Meet n Greet

I first met Trisha at ECO Fashion Week 2013.  She was kind enough to grant me an interview. I found her so adorable and bubbly

She really is beautiful inside and out! Her ethical/eco friendly designs are to die for!

You can browse through her collection at

Lucky for us she is now sharing space with Soiree Lounge on Mainland in Vancouver. They create and coordinate events.  I found the shop has a very cozy relaxing feel. Frankly the only thing missing is a wood burning stove. I could have curled up for hours

Here is a sneek peek into her upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

I approached Trisha to see if she would like to donate a garment to a fundraiser I'm working on for the Looking Glass Foundation's 10th Anniversary Gala.  This years event is to be held on Januray 31, 2014. There are still tickets available

She jumped right on board. Wow, did I all but fall over to find this is the Trapezoid, created from Ahimsa silk, hand painted dress that was ours to auction

Check out our interview below

We also had a little Vine fun. You just click on the Vine wording at the bottom to hear the sound or visit my Twitter @Globedater (button above) or Vine at GlobeDater

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience, especially getting to interview her!

    Suzie Q