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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2015 - Globedater, electronicGIG, Dark Works Fotos

Was super excited to be asked by my dear friend Ken from electronicGIG to join him covering media at The Vancouver Folk Music Festival.  He also recruited Rob from DarkWorksFotos

It was my first hands on gig in the music industry .... LOVE IT!!!!!!

Kudos to The Vancouver Folk Festival from the big to the very small, I saw nothing but smiles

It was exciting to walk by a stage and think OMG that is brilliant, run back to the media tent, request an interview and hope that performer cruises over and grants your interview.  I was so lucky, everyone I wanted to meet was warm, funny and generous with their time.  The only artist I regret not meeting is Hawksley Workman.  Since it was my first time I didn't realize he was only performing opening night and would not be in the park the following days

(Photo by DarkWorks Fotos)

Next year I'm certain we could interview every performer between us

Ken and I decided to create a short intro clip as we updated on FB and Twitter non stop throughout the festival and wanted viewers to see who we are.  On electronicGIG FB we refer to ourselves as KB and KC so followers know who posted

Giving our team the pep talk on the beach: have fun, enjoy, partaaaaaeeee

Girl don`t pack light

Here is my montage of the 3 days

Organizer Linda Tanaka was my first interview.  I am literally compelled to meet anyone involved in putting together such a large scale event so seamlessly

Next up Jasper Sloan Yip, good old hometown boy.  He is fabulous

This one is so adorbs Lindi Ortega.  Yep that's me, did a great job picking the thumbnail on this one, whew, she looks scared

Had the best interview with Grace Petrie but lost it, yikes technical difficulties Batman.  I love her teeth, Ken loved her choice in shoes

Unfortunately we lost an interview Ken did with The Once
We seemed to run into them a few times over the 3 days, their sound is sweeeeeet

Ken was thrilled to interview Son Little, you can catch his interview here

These two are super cute and sound like angels and sexy as all get out

(Photo by DarkWorks Fotos)

So we could find eachother in the dark, dorks

 My headband and shoeless sandals from Meaningful Cuddles were a huge success

We brought our Amanda Todd Stay Strong bracelets to show our support.  You can get yours here

Met a great lantern gal, she visited with us everyday as the lantern shack was right beside us

Last day and Ken got a bit of heatstroke so chilaxing

Signing off. (no this is not us) I almost witnessed boobage

At this point we`ve run out of batteries for 2 cameras and 3 camcorders, down to the ipad

See ya later alligator

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