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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dunbar Theatre - Short Film Introduction

(Photo courtesy of google images)

You learn something everyday, I've done red carpet events with so much noise in the background and still gotten great sound.  Not this one, boyz!!! hold the mic up to your mouth, LOL.  While I was adding the sound I had crazy fantasies of dubbing the low talkers over with my own voice, the conversation was hilarious ... I'll tell you about it one day... should do a trailer

Not to worry wear your headsets and voila!!! perfect

I swear this was one of the funnest interviews I've ever done, lots of chuckles

I was over the moon excited when Susan Skemp - Executive Producer - Actor - Singer, who I admire, invited me to interview the trio.  They're creating a 12 minute short film highlighting the Dunbar Theatre throughout the decades.  Not surprisingly located in one of THE MOST Uber neighbourhoods Vancouver has to offer, the theatre is celebrating its 80th Anniversary

Ken Charko - Owner - Executive Producer is so enthusiastic, I found myself tickled to be part of it

James E Taylor - Director was a joy to meet, very comical by nature.  As Directors go, he prefers to be behind the camera however with a little push I was able to get him at the very least to sit in the second row

Truthfully, if I was them ... I'd have me do red carpet interviews at the premiere

Check out The Dunbar on FB here

To participate in crowd funding for this project click here

To learn more about Owner Ken Charko and The Dunbar Theatre check out this post
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