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Friday, June 14, 2013

Harmony House "A Night Under The Big Top" an evening to support autism

What fun! Went with a great new friend of mine and her husband to a fundraiser for Harmony House.

The theme of course, a circus.

Trish and John with Bohdanna from Harmony House

This living room area was a nice comfy touch

OK, gotta say, this guy hit it out of the park with the hors d'oeuvres

Edible flowers

What! contains alcohol, yum

While I was pondering what on earth the orange covered bottles were in the basket on the right, I was told the finest champagne, there are two bottles in there!

All the tables had lips and mustaches for the Photo Booth
I think this one is drunk we went

This fella was a hit, snuck up on you and kissed you with these big fake lips, fake or not, I like to get kissed, tee hee
We did a little red carpet

Two happy and supportive Mothers of students at Harmony House

What a great idea for a parting gift, credit card holders with all the sponsor and donor cards inside, way to support them

Lovely way to spend an evening

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  1. Great coverage! Looked like a very awesome night!