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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vancouver Eco Fashion Week April 2015 - Speed Blogging - Exclusive Press Event

OMG this was such fun!!!! I've never speed blogged before.  Of course I had an idea what it would be like ... happy dance!!!! it exceeded all my expectations

It was held at Hootsuite HQ, call me a goofball but this was a double do for me, been wanting to get into this place for awhile (more on that later)

At various events I make my way around a crowd and approach interesting people.  I enjoy meeting new people as much as I enjoy interviewing them.   From time to time they're understandably busy and either meet up with me later or we never do catch up, sigh.  This was beauty because it was an intimate setting and everyone was relaxed and ready to reminisce about their efforts.  They were very generous with their time and I was in heaven with this captive audience

Kudos Myriam for thinking of us bloggers and arranging our interview ops, it was great to meet everyone

Thank you to Jessie Liu from Simple Pair for the design, I love this collection to bits
Simple Pair Fashion Design

(Photo by: Eco Fashion Week)

Check out the Eco Fashion Week Facebook page for more pictures

Was completely surprised to see Dominique Hanke as a stylist, little did I know this is yet another talent of hers.  I've always known her as a Milliner

You can see her Millinery handywork here Hive Mind Millinery
and her Fashion Style here Dominique Hanke

Megan Magdalena Bourne is actually a photographer that caught the eye of EFW for her stylish photos.  These people are all multi talented I find time after time

Catch up with her here Megan Magdalena

This is so inspiring, Kelly King and Hanne Fellers from Passport2Freedom donate 100%, yes you heard me 100% of their profits to help abolish human trafficing and run programs in the slums of Brazil

Try to stop yourself from shopping this worthy cause here Passport2Freedom

I also met Susan Bibbings, however, somehow I successfuly deleted the audio or mistakingly never saved it.  Sometimes I tire of technology, give me a good old recorder, ha ha.  At any rate will make sure to visit her studio one day and redo, if she'll agree, LOL

This jewelry from Lotusland is really lovely and very creative styles are available.  It's a collaborative project which creates income for Maasai tribeswomen in lieu of their previous occupations of cutting down trees to make and sell charcoal.  This is an innovative platform to help stop deforestation in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro

See you at the next EFW

Is this place seriously cool or what

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