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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Whirlwind Vegas, Less than 48 hours!

Went to Vegas for the opening of SLS, wow what a whirlwind, still trying to put the pieces together

Met some great folks and ate and drank like a rockstar

Started things off with a bang, LOL the airport of all places.  A little drink and DJ while you wait

OMG hot, hot hot.  It was 90 out and I was told that was cool for this time of the year


Our big night out decided to showcase a lovely Vancouver Designer, K-O.ME, isn't this silk wrap gorgeous

Before the real festivities began went for a toodle around.  Some of the eye candy that caught my fancy




Thank you Terry for spending the day with us Saturday and giving us a glance of everything in a nutshell

Went back to the SLS during the day for a different perspective.  Some features I really loved

The outside entrance, though completely redone, kept the original entrance design from the Sahara


The entry floor all lit up

Rock'n pool area

This super cool LED feature over the bar, best I've ever seen

Seriously met some great people by the pool, had a great time, in and out in 38 hours, gonna take me a week to sleep this off

Caution!!!!! only drink 1, whatever this was, rendered me out of commission

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  1. That is the way to do it .. love Vegas .. hope to go back sometime soon :-)