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Friday, July 25, 2014

Night at Vancouver Theatre Sports

Theatre Sports, just what the Dr. ordered.  If someone hasn't pee'd their pants, they haven't done their job!!!!  Laughter, food for the soul

Doesn't hurt that their new location is Granville Island on the waterfront, could not think of a better place.  Honestly no matter where you look there is a great rustic piece of art or a quaint alleyway filled with wonderful treats and treasures.  The smells from the ocean really make me feel like I'm living the dream

I used to sail a lot and spent many a day and night in and around this place, used to work here as well. Whoa, talking ions ago, we won't get into how long that is but consider it feels like a million years

When we arrived there was a special envelope waiting for us with table seats, holy feeling special.  Your a great host dear Laura, thanking you


That sky looks fantastic, oh, I mean that guy looks fantastic.  Well hello there

Next stop, Xi Shi Lounge at the Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver

Who do we have here, Paul Fitzgerald from See It LIVE Canada, this dude is everywhere

(photo courtesy of See It LIVE Canada)

Isn't that Jim Michaels from "Supernatural"

Can you believe it, after all that, we end up at Tim's in the wee hours for a nosh, such a staple

See you all soon!

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