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Monday, October 21, 2013

Nailene Fake Nail Review

I used to get my nails professionally done and just loved them!  Don't get me wrong, I can grow lovely long nails, its the French Manicure that rocks my world.  If you do it on your own nails it will only last a few days then start to chip away. I detest unkempt nails

I just loved looking down and seeing my pretty nails

Since I cut them out of my budget I have missed them dearly.  One day at work I noticed my friends beautiful nails and was surprised to find out they were glue on's. Frankly I never even thought of this as a viable option

Being the frugal one I did not go with the brand my friend suggested but went with the less costly version Nailene

They look very natural and lasted up to 3 full weeks. Not bad for $8.88

They would have lasted even longer. I took them off only because I wanted to put on a fresh pair for an upcoming trip I was taking abroad

They are also surprisingly durable. I found they can split near the top from time to time however you get extras in your kit so easily replaced.  Now keep in mind you can pay a little more and get ones that are split resistant, I'll review them at a later date

One word of advice, you get a glue applicator in the kit you buy but I chose to buy a separate more substantial Nailene glue that I keep with me at all times. If one pops off for any reason I'm ready to re glue in an instant. I find the one in the kit just gets too bunged up and doesn't spread as evenly because you have to cut the tip

Loving Nailene, you'll never see me in the salon again!

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