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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

M.A.C Makeover Options

My daughter and I recently tested out two avenues for makeover's at M.A.C

I took my chances as a drop in, hoping a makeup artist would be available and hoping we would not have too many interruptions

My daughter, on the other hand, booked a $55.00 set appointment, so guaranteed no interruptions

Both went off with out a hitch!

I did however see a few people turned away because they were at capacity for drop ins. My tip: the earlier the better. We arrived at 11am

I would say which option you take totally depends on the importance for the reason you seek out a makeup artist

On this particular day I brought my own makeup with me just in case there was no one available

It all starts with a clean slate

This beautiful woman named Angelina was just finishing up beside me when I arrived. Yeppers, I'll look just like her when I'm done .... I will

 Starts with a little hydration product

Now the progression



This was my find for the day. Honestly just try to walk away without a purchase

Thank you my good man Darcy, you did a great job!

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