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Monday, March 4, 2013

Cypress Mountain Ski Review Vlog

Had a great day of skiing today

Carla - 8
Me - 6

Did not like the hassle of parking.  Alot of walking or ski skating involved to get to the village. I stopped skiing here years ago because of this and found it has not changed. We went on a monday and thank goodness or we would have had to park along the mountain road and walk an even longer distance. It is a very busy mountain

Once we got to the village and runs they are FABULOUS!. If you don't mind what it takes to get started you'll love it

The weather was great but we've had alot of rain and warm weather so the snow was pretty heavy, not the mountains fault just our luck

We never did go inside the Lodge which is new since we've been. Looked pretty spectacular though

There are two mountains to ski. We stayed on the side with the most sun. The other side which is the Olympic side was in the shade all day.

I found the way the mountains are situated even on the sunny side we came into shade alot. Of course its always icy in the shade so that was a bit tricky

Over all I still prefer Seymour. The way the mountain faces you get full sun all day on every run when it is sunny. Its also less popular so parking is a snap and never a lineup for the chairs. Now keep in mind the runs are shorter but still lots of fun

You be the judge

Lots of high end vehicles in the parking lot

We had a long way to skate to the village

New lodge

Old lodge

The Olympic side. We didn't ski there because it was in the shade all day. At one point I was questioning where all the jumps are...of course on the other side

Lunch break with an awesome view




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