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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baja Dogs Go North and Baja Dog Rescue

These are some of the hardest stories I've ever read. Dog rescues in Mexico

I despise going to Mexico because of all the animal cruelty that goes on

Please help and donate to either of these rescue agencies

You can follow Baja Dogs Go North on Facebook and donate at the link below

This agency brings dogs up north to Canada for foster and adoption. Its hard to look at the pictures but please do, we can all help. They have also set up paypal now at

This poor girl named Azteca was constantly beaten and burned in the face with a welding torch by a community that did not want her around

She is feeling much better now

This girl who has been named Fe was running across a busy highway everyday trying to find food. When the agency tried to catch her she went into a grassy area where two puppies popped out. Poor thing she was trying to get food for her family. She has a bad leg and has obviously been hit by a car

Tomasa was found running along the highway and starving

This is Nana, she is around 12 yrs old and has had a rough street life. She has had many litters and no teeth from eating garbage and dried bones. Please someone adopt or foster her. She deserves a last couple of good years!

You can also follow Baja Dog Rescue on Facebook and donate here

They have paypal as well

They bring their dogs to California for adoption

Duke was found suffering on the street and some kind person brought him to the agency for some TLC. Parasites are eating him alive. Can you imagine just walking past this poor guy and not doing anything!

Just look at this poor one found on the street

This one found in an alleyway after giving birth. She was starving and shivering because of the cold rain. While giving birth a cancerous tumor came outside of her body causing her great pain and serious infection. Here she is on her second round of chemo and doing much better already
It just goes on and on and on

I would not ask any of you to do what I have not done already. I have two foster dogs and 3 cats right now so full up

Please, Please help! even 5 dollars a month would go a long way

Get everyone involved that you can. Right now I'm collecting from everyone I can at work to send to them. Every penny counts and I'll even collect pennies

I have mostly shown you after images where the dogs are already feeling better because if your anything like me you would not be able to get the before images out of your head. I'll leave it to you to follow them on Facebook or visit their websites on your own for only you know what you can handle

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