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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hermes Berkin Bag, Not An Original....

But a high quality knock off, most probably from Brazil as the detail and stitching are spot on. You can spot the knock offs that come from China, not the greatest materials or eye for detail, just not the greatest overall

This bag would have likely gone for hundreds of dollars, if not actually trying to pass off as an original

The bag is highly coveted, there are waitlists that go on for years. They retail depending on size from 9,000 to over 100,000

The tell tale sign for me, the lock and keys do not have serial numbers, other than that I did alot of research on the bag. Still as a pretty perfect knockoff, my price was only 35.00 so well worth it. It looks in new shape and likely was used only once

It is quite the honor to have one of these bags, only the wealthiest are so lucky. Its the only bag that does not lose its value and if you can get a second hand one your still paying thousands

picture: Google pictures

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